libinjection v3.9.1 released

26 Dec 2013

The Day-After-Christmas 3.9.1 edition of libinjection, the open source SQLi detection library, was released today, 2013-12-26. Source code is available on github. If you want to try it out, see the diagnostics pages.

The change for this release is strict C90 compliance for use in embedded systems, Windows and FreeBSD. Previously, some C99-isms snuck-in breaking some downstream builds. See the full changelog for details.



v3.9.1 - 2013-12-26

Day-After-Christmas Edition

  • No functional changes
  • Code reverted to strict C90 style to allow builds on embedded systems, Windows and FreeBSD
  • For gcc this means -std=c90 -pedantic, which seems to simulate Windows behavior on Linux
  • Other minor style changes to header files.