Slide Show Font Sampler and Shootout

28 May 2012

If you are doing a lot of slide presentations, you might be wondering how to share them, and how improve your "HEO" -- Human Engine Optimization. In other words:

  • How do the slideshow presentations look online?

  • Is black-on-white or white-on-black more legible?

  • What fonts are best? For plain-text? For computer code?

  • How do the different embeddings look like? How are the thumbnail images?

  • How does it look on a washed-out projector?

To help answer these questions I made a "font sampler" in both white-on-black and black-on-white versions, containing a number of different fonts sans-serif fonts suitable for presentations and monospace fonts for computer code. To my amazement, every service was correctly able to render every font I used. is still the gold standard for sharing presentations. It can import directly from PowerPoint, Keynote, and PDF, has lots of integration with social media, and has an active community.

Slide show font sampler, white on black
View more presentations from Nick Galbreath is offshoot from GitHub. It's quite snazzy, but it's still new and can't tell if it's orphaned or not (e.g. home page doesn't change, copyright says 2011 when it's June 2012, minor bugs here and there, where are the stats?). That said, the slide presentation and embedding is quite nice.


Scribd can be repurposed for showing slides and presentations. It's quite nice, but as you can see it works a little differently.

Slide Show Font Sampler WoB

Slide Show Font Sampler BoW

Google Docs/Drive

One can upload PDF slide shows to Google Docs/Drive and share them that way. Google does not convert raw Keynote files, nor does it allow you to embed the doc in a web page. The PDF is converted to a series of images.