Packaging libmozjs Javascript Spidermonkey

22 Dec 2008

If you are trying to get a snapshot of the to-be-released the Spidermonkey Javascript engine V1.8, you'll run into some issues since it uses Mercurial for source repository. Depending on your system this might challenging in and of itself. I might be missing something, but Mercurial forces you to get the entire repository And since Spidermonkey is part of "mozilla-central" you have to download over 600M of source code and change logs to get about 1M of code from the js/src directory. This can't be right, but I give up reading the Mercurial doco.

Once you get the source code, it needs to be autoconf'ed with autoconf-2.13 and not whatever the latest autoconf on your system is. I don't know why.

Then there are lot of directories you don't want (test files, misc integration tools, etc). Stripping those out takes some time too

I've done all this mess, the results is here: libmozjs-2009-01-12.tar.bz2. Enjoy!

My latest packaging script is: