If you are in tech and don't have a blog

20 Aug 2008

What? You are in tech and don't have a blog?

This came up at a.... party. Yeah my life is really exciting. Anyways, someone (Ilya) didn't have a blog and didn't really know what to write about. This person manages dozens of people and programs in as many languages.

I understand the problem. All the blogs I read, are very well-written, maybe even proof-read and sticking to a single topic. Writing that type of blog is hard. Plus, for some of us writing is a hard and slow process. So don't that.

If you are in tech, my guess is at least one hour of your day is just spent finding answers to technical problems. Then when you figure it out, write a blog entry. Just like "every time you learn a new word, use it in sentence."

Is this a blog people will check everyday? No. Will your blog be coherant and stick to a single topic? No. Will search engine index this and be very useful to others? Yes! You will be amazed how many people will read your articles. Now I have top ranked articles on many topics. And I use my own blog as reference since I forget my own solutions!

Now you have no excuse! Start that blog before your next employer asks to see it.

Comment 2008-09-09 by None

Well, reading your blog inspired me to finally get down to business and start mine. I have many of the same goals... snippets of good code, weird python corners... a cache of small ideas that might eventually bloom into big ones.

Comment 2009-10-05 by None

I agree with you. I started to write what I've learned in my blog for my own reference as well as for maybe someone who needs the same solutions.

Just write it down, and it could be useful to someone else. :-)