Varargs in Python

10 Jul 2008

"Varargs" is C/C++ (?) name for "variable-length argument lists" for functions and methods, used for example by printf. In python, this: Arbitrary Function Arguments is what you are looking for (Sections 4.7.3 and 4.74).

This was written since most searches produce junk for this answer. Hopefully some web crawler will find this.

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Just confirming that a google search for 'python function varargs' hit this entry as #4, and it proved to be exactly what I was after. Thanks! :)

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Just what he said...
Would not have found it otherwise, thank you very much.

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Another thankful Google searcher here. :-)

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And another :)

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beautiful, that was an inspired thought :) thanks from another happy google searcher

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You're up to number one now in a search for 'python varargs'

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Another happy Googler.

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Another happy google searcher here! Thanks for the link.

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First Google result now and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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Thanks for helping me find info on python varargs and its usage.