Release Engineer Camp - Biz idea

06 Feb 2008

Here's another business idea. Release Engineer Camp. I can't tell you how many times I get asked for this or had to look for this role. it's just about impossible to hire for, and it pays better than the equiv job in say, sysadmin, ops, qa, or even php dev. So, why not have a school or camp for this?

It could even be online -- just post the lessons online and hope ambitious people read up. Or you could make some thing more interactive, certificates and all that stuff. Honestly I bet you could get local area business to pay or sponsor this. Or sell the notes to O'Reily for a book.

Here's a sample plan

  • unix basics
  • bash
  • perl or other equiv language programming
  • system admin basics
  • Source control
  • Issue tracking systems
  • Apache and equiv basics.
  • More source control

Who wants to help write a chapter?

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Release engineers are the bassoon players of the software world.