aspell for emacs and Mac OS X

14 Dec 2007

Here's how to add a spelling checker to Emacs on Mac OS X. This will work for both terminal based or GUI based versions.

First, for goodness sake, install MacPorts. After it is installed from terminal do:

$ sudo port -v selfupdate
$ sudo port install aspell-dict-en

You can install other languages too. Take a look at "port search aspell" for the list.

Then just add the following line to your .emacs

(setq ispell-program-name "/opt/local/bin/aspell")

Load you your text (or html or xm) file and do M-x ispell

Oh yeah! You can read more on the Emacs commands here

Comment 2009-02-08 by None

This still works for you?
Emacs still tries to find aspell whithin's dir.

Comment 2013-01-23 by None

on mac, the path to aspell shoud be /usr/local/bin/aspell